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Expert Profiles

San Francisco DUI Defense

These are the expert witnesses that I routinely use to defend my client's DUI cases. Expert witnesses are not members of my staff, but instead independent witnesses that are retained by the client for extraordinary work in their DUI cases. Expert witnesses are NOT necessary in every DUI case, in fact, more often than not, an expert will not be used. But when you need to win, these are the people I've been working with for years that will help us achieve the result that you need, whether it by in Jury Trial, a Motion to Suppress Evidence or a DMV hearing.

Since I work with these experts on such a regular basis, I have negotiated fair flat rate and hourly rates with all experts. I keep my attorney fees reasonable for this very reason. Don't spend all your budget hiring a high priced and often money driven "DUI DEFENSE TEAM" or "DUI DEFENSE FIRM." Instead, hire a lawyer you can know, someone you can work with and a lawyer with a track record of success. Combine that individualized and experienced representation with experts like Mr. McCann, Ms. Weingarten or Mr. Mark, and you will truly have an honest chance of maximizing your DUI case WITHOUT BREAKING THE BANK.

Each one of the below individuals has assisted me in winning jury trials, DMV hearings and obtaining remarkable settlement results. Please call me directly to discuss retaining one of these highly recognized leaders in the DUI defense field in Northern California.

Alan McCann | DUI Investigations

Alex McCann

Mr. McCann provides service evaluating and analyzing police reports, reconstructing traffic collisions and interviewing involved parties. Mr. McCann served as a Police Officer with the San Francisco Police Department for 33 years and was assigned primarily to the Traffic Enforcement and Investigations Division, Solo Motorcycle Detail. Mr. McCann has investigated and generated reports in over 10,000 traffic collisions. He has investigated over 1000 DUI cases and made arrests and reports on approximately 700 of those incidents during his career as a Police Officer.

Mr. McCann has an Advanced POST Certificate issued by the State of California and was awarded the Gold Medal of Valor from the San Francisco Police Department. Mr. McCann is recognized as an Expert Witness in the fields of DUI, accident reconstruction and use of force in California Superior Courts and has testified as an Expert Witness at DMV hearings.

Ms. Halle Weingarten | Forensic Toxicologist

Halle Weingarten

Halle Weingarten is the former Chief Forensic Toxicologist for the Santa Clara County Laboratory of Criminalistics in San Jose. As a Consultant in Forensic Toxicology, Ms. Weingarten provides comprehensive case review including the evaluation of the role of alcohol and drugs in case specific context, effects and metabolism of these substances, assessment and reliability of alcohol and drug test procedures, regulatory compliance, evidence handling procedures, and quality assurance.

Ms. Weingarten provides expert testimony in criminal, administrative, and civil proceedings in addition to assisting laboratories in setting up analytical methods that meet regulatory and legal requirements and in training laboratory staff and law enforcement officers. Ms. Weingarten has testified in every major court and DMV in the Bay Area and is considered one of the top forensic toxicologists in Northern California.

Kenneth Mark A. | Forensic Toxicologist/Owner Bay Area Forensic Lab

"Mr. Mark is a forensic toxicologist who handles nearly all DUI cases involving blood samples and blood reanalysis. Mr. Mark has testified in over 1700 cases in municipal, superior, and federal courts on the analytical procedures used to determine alcohol and/or drug levels in biological samples and their effects of on the human body.

  • Testimony frequently included the interpretation of blood alcohol levels, driving observations, field sobriety test performance, and other aspects of alcohol ingestion. Testimony also included interpreting urine and blood drug levels, signs and symptoms of drug intoxication as well as their effect on driving ability. Testified approximately equally for prosecution and defense.
  • Testified in over 1000 civil proceedings primarily DMV administrative per se hearings. Former Supervising Toxicologist for the San Mateo County Sheriff's Forensic Laboratory with over thirty years of experience in clinical and forensic toxicology. Owner and operator of BAY AREA FORENSIC LAB, California state licensed in 1989 as a Forensic Alcohol Laboratory.
  • Authored blood, breath, and urine alcohol and drug testing procedures for San Mateo County and Bay Area Forensic Lab. Trained over 1500 police officers in the operation of the Model 4011 series and Model 5000 Intoxilyzers. Performed maintenance and repairs on the Model 4011 series and Model 5000 Intoxilyzers. Analyzed over 40,000 blood and urine samples for alcohol and/or drug content.
  • Provided consultation to the Office of the District Attorney in over 2000 cases, primarily driving under the influence cases, and a substantially larger number of cases with defense counsel. Qualified as an expert on Intoxilyzers, Alcosensors (PAS device), and Draeger Instruments.

Training and Education

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry from the University of California at Riverside.
  • Completed one year training program, California State Department of Health Services (DOHS) approved, for Clinical Toxicologist Technologist. This course covered the analysis of biological samples for alcohol and/or drugs. It also covered pharmacology and pharmacokinetics of drugs and alcohol. Passed state board exam.
  • Completed one week training course, DOHS approved, for Forensic Alcohol Supervisor. Passed DOHS licensing exam for Forensic Alcohol Supervisor.
  • Completed factory training on the Intoxilyzer Model 5000.
  • Completed three and one half day course on fuel cell technology given in cooperation between Draeger Safety, Inc. and California Department of Justice. Course included use of Alcotest 7410 Plus (EPAS) and Alcotest 7110.
  • Attended the International Symposium on Alcohol, Drugs and Driving; FBI Academy, Quantico, Virginia. The topics covered included the pharmacology and phamacokinetics of alcohol and/or drug intoxication and their effects on the ability to drive. The signs and symptoms of drugs of drugs of abuse were covered. Also covered were the analytical approaches used in determining various alcohol and/or drug levels.
  • Attended numerous California Association of Toxicologist's workshops and seminars. These include CAT's Workshop on Alcohol and CAT's Workshop on Drugs and Driving. These and many of the regular meetings addressed the signs and symptoms of drugs of abused influence and the effect of various drugs of abuse on driving ability Studied many texts, publications, studies, and manuals (including FST and DRE manuals) relating to alcohol and/or drug influence and detection. Also covered were analytical procedures and interpretation of test results.
  • Directed or participated in nine studies, involving over 100 subjects, investigating the effects of alcohol on a person's ability to drive, perform field sobriety tests, and/or perform related tasks. Some of these studies involved determining partition coefficients between blood and breath or between blood and urine.
  • Successfully completed three day NHTSA/IACP Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Course 11/12/2006.
  • Successfully completed four day NHTSA/IACP Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Instructor Course 2/17/2008.

California Licenses & Professional Memberships

  • Clinical Toxicologist Scientist - Since 1975, Forensic Alcohol Analyst - Since 1979, Forensic Alcohol Supervisor - Since 1980
  • Bay Area Forensic Lab is listed as a "Forensic Alcohol Laboratory" with California Department of Health Services. Member of California Association of Toxicologists "