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Arrested for Drunk Driving: What to Do First

San Francisco DUI Defense Attorney

You have been arrested, and booked, and your driver's license has been taken. The administrative machinery to suspend your driving privileges automatically went into motion at the time of your arrest. The first thing you must do is decide to defend yourself from the charges against you. To not do so carries heavy consequences. Do not give up your right to have a knowledgeable San Francisco DUI attorney looking after your interests.

Your next concerns will be to get released, either on your promise to return for your court hearing or by providing bail, to find an experienced DUI defense attorney to defend you from the charges, and applying for a DMV hearing. The legal team at the firm is prepared to swing into action to defend you in the hearing as well as in criminal court from these charges.

Nors Davidson: DUI Defense Lawyer in San Francisco

The rules in an administrative DMV hearing are different than in a court of law. Winning in the hearing is a complicated process. To do so requires an intimate understanding of the DMV rules and procedures. Once you have been released, your first priority should be to ensure you have a DUI defense lawyer who will investigate the circumstances of your arrest and represent you during the DMV Hearing as well as your court appearance. It is important to challenge the evidence presented in the hearing.

An experienced attorney will look carefully at the evidence against you to develop a defense strategy and apply for the hearing within 10 days starting from the time of your arrest to prevent your license from being automatically suspended within 30 days. Discuss your defense with a San Francisco DUI lawyer who is determined to win.

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