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Federal DUI Charges

San Francisco Federal DUI Lawyer

Most DUI cases are prosecuted in State Superior Courts. Federal DUI cases, however, are prosecuted in Federal Court. It is extremely important to hire an attorney with a strong background in Federal DUI law, as the two types of cases differ markedly. As a DUI Defense Attorney licensed to practice in all California Federal Courts, I can defend those who are facing Federal DUI charges. If you have been arrested for a DUI on federally owned land such as military bases and national parks, you will be subject to a Federal Court decision on your case.

It is a federal crime to be found operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or other substances on federal property. Federal DUI's are the most difficult to defend. There are often no reductions in Federal Court and you are not entitled to a trial by jury. These cases hinge on ability to negotiate with the U.S. Attorney. Federal DUI's create a "national" type of probation and if not represented properly at arraignment (1st court appearance), a DUI defendant in a Federal Case may be denied travel outside of the State or even district.

Federal DUI Charges in the Bay Area

San Francisco Federal DUI's are almost always from arrests in the Presido or Marin Highland areas. Moffett Field in San Jose is also federal and has even harsher sentences and restrictions. Federal DUI's also create a DMV administrative hearing at the State level, so it is still critical to request an administrative hearing within ten days of a federal DUI arrest. I personally have handled multiple federal DUI's, unlike many DUI attorneys who are not even licensed to practice in federal court! The laws which regulate these DUI charges will vary depending on where your arrest took place.

If you were found to be driving under the influence on land which is regulated by the National Park Service, you will be charged under the Code of Federal Regulation. On any other federal property, you will be tried under separate federal DUI laws. If you have been arrested on federal property for a DUI, you will require the assistance of a San Francisco DUI attorney.

Federal DUI Representation in San Francisco

After being pulled over for drunk driving on federal property, you will be required to submit yourself to chemical testing. If you refuse to do so, you will be facing a misdemeanor charge, possible jail time, fines, and revocation of driving privileges on federal property. You may also be subject to probation and jail time in a federal penitentiary. Additional factors which may cause your penalties to intensify are the presence of minors and reckless driving.

The Law Office of Nors Davidson can will work tirelessly for your defense and utilize their full knowledge of federal DUI laws if your case is taken on. Don't allow your case to be handled by an attorney who does not have the full benefit of extensive experience in federal DUI charges. Contact a San Francisco DUI Attorney from our firm who is skilled in handling federal drunk charges.