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Expunge Your DUI Conviction

San Francisco DUI Defense Lawyer

When you have a DUI conviction on your permanent criminal record it can have a detrimental effect on your future job opportunities, business relationships and even personal or romantic possibilities. When your name is investigated by easily accessed computer programs, the individual searching will discover the fact that you have been convicted of a DUI offense. Our criminal records do not disappear; they remain for any person who chooses to research you to find for years after the fact.

In many cases, the DUI conviction was an earlier error in judgment that could have taken place years in the past, but is still creating problems. In such a case you may decide that you would like to expunge your DUI offense, or clean up your criminal record. In order to go forward with an expungement, it is advised that you contact a San Francisco DUI defense attorney to assist you with the process.

Get Help from a DUI Attorney in San Francisco, CA

There are certain requirements for an expungement, and most people who are seeking this action are qualified. The procedure must be carefully addressed and managed by an attorney familiar with the process in order to avoid the pitfalls of attempting it on your own. As with any government agency, failures to "dot the I's and cross the t's" can result in a denial of your request for an expungement.

Our legal team at The Law Office of Nors Davidson has assisted many individuals in sealing their record with regard to any past DUI offense. In order to qualify, you must have certain qualifications, and when these are in place, the procedure can go forward, allowing you freedom from questions about an earlier error in judgment that led to a DUI conviction.

It can be vital to your employment future to get an old DUI conviction expunged from your record in order to have a clean slate and to move forward with your career without that impediment. Contact a San Francisco DUI Defense Attorney from our firm to get a DUI conviction expunged from your criminal record.