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Commercial License DUI Charges

San Francisco DUI Defense Lawyer

Drunk driving is a very serious matter throughout the United States. There are various penalties for this crime depending on the area in which you are arrested, and the many various circumstances surrounding your arrest. Commercial drivers, such as truck drivers, are frequent inhabitants of major highways and freeways throughout California and the rest of the U.S. and these drivers are held to strict standards regarding safety protocol, and many other issues related to the operation of a commercial vehicle.

If you are a truck driver, then you are required by law and probably by various ordinances and rules set forth by your employer to operate the vehicle in a safe manner. One violation of state law is driving while intoxicated, not only is this dangerous to the driver, but also for those who are on the road. Semi-trucks weigh about 70,000 pounds and stretch roughly 70 feet in length on average, and when fully loaded. Because of this, any negligence on the part of the driver can result in serious accidents that cause severe injuries and even death in the most severe cases.

Penalties for Commercial DUIs in California

According to California state law, drivers over the age of 21 will be charged with DUI when their BAC (blood alcohol content) is 0.08% or higher. This is not the same for commercial drivers. The BAC limit for commercial vehicle drivers in the state of California is 0.04%, it is also essential to know that you could still be arrested and charged with drunk driving if your alcohol content is lower than the legal limit, provided that you show signs of intoxication or impairment. The law takes these matters very seriously, and it is crucial for you to understand the penalties that you could face for conviction.

If you are convicted of commercial DUI, then you will face the same penalties as an ordinary DUI conviction with one exception. You will face informal DUI probation, up to one year in county jail, up to $1,000 in fines, and up to a 36-month California DUI education program. The one difference in the case of commercial DUI is the license suspension. For a first conviction, you will lose your commercial license for one year, for a second offense, you will lose your commercial license for life.

Arrested for commercial drunk driving in San Francisco?

If you are facing criminal charges for drunk driving in California, then you need to seek the skilled representation of a San Francisco DUI lawyer as soon as possible. At The Law Office of Nors Davidson we can provide you with the experienced legal counsel that you need in order to effectively pursue the results that you desire.

We offer a free case evaluation so that you may obtain some advice regarding the charges that you face before making any commitment to our firm. Contact The Law Office of Nors Davidson immediately to discuss your situation and to begin pursuing the results that you need.