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About Blood Alcohol Tests

San Francisco DUI Defense Attorney

Arrest for a DUI charge usually follows a positive breath or BAC test. The legal limit for a BAC is .08%. If your blood alcohol content is .08% or above, you will immediately be arrested. Some methods for testing blood alcohol content are not reliable and have been successfully challenged in a court of law.

This greatly improves one's chances of lessening or eliminating charges. If you would like to know more about how a DUI charge can affect your life and what you can do about it, speak with a San Francisco DUI attorney immediately.

Understanding the Evidence and Fighting the Charges

When compared to breath tests, blood tests are considered to be more accurate. Although they are considered more reliable, many factors can contribute to faulty test results such whether or not excess time elapses between the gathering of the blood sample and the execution of the lab test. If blood is left to sit out for some time it will start the natural process of fermentation. Fermentation produces alcohol. This can cause your blood test to come out with high alcohol content due to the fermentation process alone.

It has been found in some cases that the blood samples were switched or contaminated in some other way. On more than one occasion the blood test was given improperly and the blood test analyst was unqualified. Attorneys at the Law Office of Nors Davidson have the knowledge and experience to successfully defend those who are being charged with a DUI.

The team knows every aspect of a DUI case and can challenge the prosecution's weaknesses. An expert toxicologist may be needed to disprove your blood test results. If you have been arrested for drunk driving after a blood test, contact a San Francisco DUI Defense Attorney from the firm today to discuss your defense options.