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About DUI Arrests in San Francisco

Know Your Options for Fighting a DUI in CA

If you were recently pulled over and arrested for DUI in San Francisco, make sure you do not waste any time in talking to an attorney about challenging these charges and protecting your driver's license. These matters are best handled with early intervention by a skilled lawyer. Even if you "failed" a breath test or were unable to properly perform field sobriety tests, there is hope.

Arresting officers make mistakes. Some purposefully skip steps or violate procedure in order to make an arrest. If any type of error or violation was made that pertains to your case, our team will find it. We take care to give our clients the best possible chance at a positive case result and are ready to fight for you.

Learn More About Driving Under the Influence

You can get started by finding out more about criminal charges, tests, arrests and other topics related to driving under the influence in the San Francisco area. By clicking on any of the pages below, you can learn more about that specific subject:

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Our site is packed with information to help you better understand your situation and possible defense options. We also welcome you to check out our DUI Defense Blog, where you can find helpful updates and information about these charges, news and recent cases.

Of course, you are always urged to contact our offices directly to speak with an attorney about your unique case, questions and concerns. Your initial consultation is always confidential, and we are happy to take the time to make an accurate assessment of the matter.

Contact a San Francisco DUI defense lawyer as soon as possible to get started!