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Recent Posts in Second Offense DUI Category

  • 5/19/2014: SANTA CLARA COUNTY (PALO ALTO) .10% BAC 2nd OFFENSE DUI JURY TRIAL Outcome: DUI CASE DISMISSED for PUBLIC INTOXICATION ($200 FINE) Description: Not every DUI case settles and sometimes a balancing of the cost and risk factors leads a client to exercise their Constitutional Right to a Jury Trial. Client was stopped by Mountain View Police for making a prohibited left turn in the early ...
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  • 4/17/2014: SANTA CLARA COUNTY (SAN JOSE) .17% BAC 2nd OFFENSE DUI w/ PROBATION LICENSE & SUSPENDED LICENSE Outcome : ENHANCEMENTS, PROBATION VIOLATION & SUSPENDED LICENSE DISMISSED Description : Client was a younger guy who had made the boneheaded mistake of driving after drinking. He was previously convicted of a DUI in Santa Clara County and was still serving a three year informal ...
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  • 3/5/2014: SAN FRANCISCO COUNTY.09% BAC 2nd OFFENSE DUI w/ PROBATION VIOLATION Outcome: DUI CHARGES DISMISSED & CASE REDUCED TO RECKLESS DRIVING Description: Client was a younger person who was convicted of a "wet reckless" misdemeanor in San Mateo County on a.08% case (which probably should have been fought by her attorney). She received two years of probation and about two months ...
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