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"Best DUI Attorney in the Bay Area - Period!", A DUI Client Review

Posted By Nors Davidson || 6-Sep-2014

"Best DUI Attorney in the Bay Area - Period!"

Posted by E., a DUI Client

"Nors is 100% the best DUI attorney I've had the experience working with. I received my first DUI in San Jose about 7 years ago. I was trying to flag down a cab and instead I ended up flagging down a cop instead. Rather than put me in a cab the arrested me for drunk in public. Then I was released, given the keys to my car and told to 'go home'. I tried to do exactly that and was immediately pulled over for a DUI..!!! In all honesty, my "First DUI" should have NEVER been a DUI - drunk in public "requires" the police to hold you 'until you are no longer a harm to yourself or others' - that's the law. They broke the law and told me to go home and gave me essentially a weapon. I thought I was only hung over, I could not fathom they would let me drive home drunk. I went through about $10,000 - $15,000 and 3 THREE law firms. All saying the same thing 'they can't do that, we'll get you off' They all (except the last, which chickened out at the court house and scared me into taking a plea of a wet reckless) quit returning my phone calls once they had my money. Alas, I recently had a bad experience where I had too much to drink and since the law was changed it was a SECOND offense (law was changed to 10 years in 2007). Well suffice to say I got really lucky and Nors was one of the first DUI attorneys here in SF I spoke to for this now '2nd offense DUI'. I evaluated several law firms after my utterly horrible past experiences with DUI attorneys. Ultimately I went with my 'gut' and hired Nors vs. a more expensive attorney (his prices are very reasonable). Nors was extremely professional, he calmed my nerves, he 'took the monkey off my back' (to borrow his words) so I could return to focusing on my life. Long story short, Nors "always" returned my phone calls. We met in person and went over all the details of my case, he informed me of all the ins and outs with regard to the specifics of my case and he made me aware that there was a serious issue regarding my arrest. I gave my approval for him to file a motion to suppress (which has about a less than 1% chance of success). Well I'm almost in disbelief as I type this because while the DMV ruling still stands my court case was DISMISSED! You can't put a price on that. I *never* intend to drink and drive again. Ever. However, not having to deal with Jail, Probation, and another "criminal mark" on my record is priceless. If you are in need of a DUI attorney in the bay area Nors is by far the best one out there in my experience and opinion. Thank you SO MUCH Nors! You're work is superb and your professionalism is unparalleled!"