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4/16/2014: Contra Costa County (Martinez) .09% BAC 1st Offense DUI

Posted By Nors Davidson || 5-May-2014


Description: Client was stopped by the CHP for speeding in excess of 90 mph. Complicating matters, it was late at night and he had been drinking alcohol. Arrested for DUI, his breath test came in at .09% BAC. Client was charged by the District Attorney's Office almost one year after his DUI arrest, meaning that he had already lost his license from the DMV APS hearing. If he suffered a DUI conviction in court, his license would be suspended again. Thankfully, today we negotiated a disposition which included a dismissal of the DUI charges and a plea to the reduced charge of reckless driving (wet reckless). His sentence was greatly reduced and his license not subject to further suspension from the DMV. Client received two years of informal court probation, fines of approximately $1,200, a 12 hour DUI School and no additional jail, community service or SWAP. In the end, the client learned a lesson and wasn't overly punished for it.