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"Nors' Efforts Changed My Life" Another Real DUI Client Review

Posted By Nors Davidson || 26-Aug-2014

"Nors' Efforts Literally Changed My Life"

Posted by a DUI Client

"When I first hired my attorney for my DUI case, I knew nothing about Nors. I was told by some friends to be represented by Robert Tayac, because he was the best. Throughout most of my case, I only dealt with Nors. I never even met Robert until my actual hearing date, when my sentence was going to be determined. Even though my blood alcohol level was barely over the legal limit, I still had the potential to be served with a DUI. When Mr. Tayac came out of the courtroom, he said I was to be charged with a DUI. This would also mean that I would lose my driver's license for 6 months.

In a panic, I called Nors, who was on his way from another case. Nors assured me, "don't panic, I'm on my way". When Nors arrived to the courtroom, he then said that although he didn't know if it would work, he would try going back into the courtroom to ask for an extension and another hearing date. Mr. Tayac never even offered me that option. Well, as it turned out, Nors DID get the extension for me, and when we went back to court a month later, he got my charges reduced to a wet and reckless, which means I would not have a DUI charge on my record.

In addition, Nors also fought for me at the DMV, and I never had my driver's license suspended, not even for one day. I can't begin to describe my gratitude to Nors, and the work and effort he put into my case. Nothing like this will ever happen to me again, but I would trust Nors Davidson 100% if I ever needed an attorney again. He is truly amazing."