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"Client Review and Recommendation for Nors Davidson," a DUI Client Review

Posted By Nors Davidson || 26-Aug-2014

"Client Review and Recommendation for Nors Davidson"

Posted by a DUI Client

"Of course we all make mistakes, but when I made the huge mistake of choosing to drive home after tasting wines for a friend's up and coming wedding I thought the DUI that followed would completely destroy my life. Terrified, I got a recommendation for Nors from an Attorney friend of mine and gave him a try. All I can say, is thank goodness I did. Not only did he ease my mind by explaining all the intricate details and ins-and-outs of the court system, but he managed to get me a reduced sentence. In addition, being a southern California resident, Nors appeared on my behalf for every single court date in Alameda county, relieving me of having to drive or fly up there at least 4 times.

In my opinion, his best attribute is his confidence and passion for his career choice. I felt he was almost as excited as I was when we were given the reduced sentence, which is proof that he really enjoys being able to help his clients.

All in all, Nors is an expert in his field and will give you the best chance possible. I have learned a huge, expensive, and life changing lesson, and thanks to Nors he minimized the impact financially and mentally so that I can move on with my life. "

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