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How Do I Find the BEST DUI Attorney in San Francisco?

Posted By Nors Davidson || 21-Apr-2014

Lately, I've been disturbed by an upstart law firm which has been advertising like crazy on the Internet which claims to be "the leading DUI defense attorney" or rated "#1 in San Francisco for a reason." Hopefully you'll read this blog post before you make the mistake of actually believing such claims.

First of all, ANY LAWYER WHO CLAIMS TO BE THE BEST OR NUMBER ONE OR THE "LEADING" DUI ATTORNEY IS PROBALY LYING. The firm that comes to mind is actually staffed by some of the most inexperienced DUI lawyers in the State of California, and if there were a true rating system as to who's the best DUI attorney in San Francisco, they would probably be in the bottom. So how can you avoid such hyperbole and flat out false advertising?

I suggest you start with AVVO.COM. This website allows clients to review attorneys without leaving their name, unlike YELP.COM which requires some personal identification. Most genuine DUI clients do not want to leave a YELP review. Moreover, read the YELP reviews closely. You'll see that most of them are for TRAFFIC TICKETS, not DUI's. Therefore, they aren't relevant!

Next, consider the CONTENT on the attorney's website. Are they "defending your bight future," or are they really putting relevant information that describes their experience and credentials?

A lawyer's memberships in professional organizations also tells you a lot. Is he a member of the National College for DUI Defense ("NCDD")? Or the California DUI Lawyers Association, ("CDLA"), if not, WHY?

You can also learn a lot about a DUI lawyer by looking up their record of discipline on the State Bar website, Has the DUI lawyer been disciplined or suspended? Where did the DUI attorney go to law school, was it LOCAL? HOW LONG AS THE LAWYER BEEN PRACTICING LAW? You can tell for sure if the DUI attorney has been practicing under five years in DUI law in California, he or she is probably not very skilled.

In the end, the best DUI lawyer is going to be someone who you feel confident with makes you feel secure when you go to court and the DMV. A DUI lawyer who claims to be "leading" or the "top" or #1, should be scrutinized. If he's really the BEST, why does he say that?

Too many unscrupulous DUI attorney's over advertise and make claims that your DUI case will be beat! This kind of MARKETING belongs in an INTERNET start up, not the legitimate practice of law. Be careful and choose wisely! All DUI attorneys are NOT created equal and if you follow these tools to select the best DUI lawyer FOR YOU, you'll have piece of mind that everything will truly be OK!

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