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Posted By Nors Davidson || 14-Apr-2014

Outcome: DUI MINIMIZED: 3 yr Probation, $1,933, 3 Month School, 1 Day SWAP

Description: Client was a professional who attended a social function where he drank alcohol and then made the mistake of thinking he was OK to drive home. Late at night, he was tired and fell asleep and drifted into a pole causing a property damage only collision. I appeared with client for two Pre-Trial Conferences in the case, after we decided to reject the DA's initial settlement offer which included over 12 days of jail or SWAP. Today, we resolved the case for minimum sentence of three years of informal probation, fine of $1,933, three month DUI School, and only ONE day of SWAP in lieu of jail. Client's license was suspended for one month followed by five months of driving with an Ignition Interlock Device ("IID"). The IID was not a condition from the court, but rather a requirement of all DUI offenders from Alameda County. Sometimes the offer at the first Pre-Trial Conference is the best one you'll get....sometimes it isn't.