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3/19/204: Alameda County (Oakland) Public Intoxication Misdemeanor

Posted By Nors Davidson || 22-Apr-2014



Description: Client was a professional visiting from out of state when he went to a function which and drank too much alcohol. Instead of driving and risking a DUI, he made the right decision and took BART. Unfortunately, he passed out on the train and was ultimately arrested by BART police for misdemeanor public intoxication. When it appeared that no good deed goes unpunished, today I was able to get all criminal charges dismissed by the District Attorney. Client learned a lesson, but his criminal record and his bright future were left intact.

It is critcal to fight these types of cases which are basically DUI arrests without the driving. Since they are NOT DUI cases, the police rarely conduct any investigation, i.e. breath/blood test and field sobriety tests, and as a result lack the necessary evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

I handle a few of these cases every year and cannot recall the last client who was convicted. If you or someone you know is facing criminal or DUI charges, you should call San Francisco DUI attorney Nors Davidson immediately.

Categories: DUI, Public Intoxication