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Boise Drunk Driver Declared a "Menace to Society"

Posted By Nors Davidson || 18-Oct-2012

Terry Ash, a Boise man aged 55 was convicted on October 18, 2012 for his fourteenth DUI and sentenced to life in prison. Mr. Ash, a deeply troubled man with a history of psychological problems has become yet another victim of our nations massive and bloated prison industry complex. While his outrageous number of DUI cases is astounding, a life sentence for a 55 year old man is a clear failure of the system to achieve its primary purpose: reform. It's time that this nation understand the hard fact that alcohol is a driug. A drug no different from heroin, crack and even crystal meth. Why is it then that we tretat drug users but give drunk drivers life sentences? Mr. Ash's conduct is rephrehensible and clearly something had to be done, but why now and why such a severe sentence? I find it truly shameful that the system didn't stop Mr. Ash perhaps, say, ten DUI's ago. To now sentence Mr. Ash to a life sentence, it's a gisove up and distraction from the main point: let's start treating individuals with checmial abuse problems instead of making their lives worse by putting them in overcrowding jails that create jail records that make individuals unemployable thus fueling the vicious circle of abuse. Mr. Ash is not the problem here, it's the way we forget that the true objective of the justice system should be the rehabilitation defendants to prevent repeate offenders. To allow someone to get fourteen DUI's in the first place is a colosal failure. I love Boise but the City really needs to look at it's government departments that allowed Mr. Ash to get so far along. Although we don't know each other Mr. Ash, I wish you well in prison and hope that you'tr able to find the inspiration in prison to live out your years behind bars because you suffered from an addition that the system failed to help you fix.