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Why Lawyers (Even DUI Attorneys) Get A Bad Rap

Posted By Nors Davidson || 30-Dec-2012

I can happily say that I love my job as a DUI lawyer. Truly, it's a gift to get to dawn the suit uniform every morning and going to courts across the State of California with the true aim of helping good, professional people deal with a complex criminal and administrative system. I save many people's jobs, family's, and sometimes their very lives. I don't create the problems my clients have, but I work tirelessly to find solutions to for each unique person. Sometimes, I'm even so blessed to fight a noble cause in court and do my best "Perry Mason". I'm blessed and my countless client referrals give me great pride.

Unfortunately, I cannot say the same of all lawyers or "liars" as they are often pejoratively called. Plaintiff lawyers (particularly dishonest ones who actually steal from their clients, called "comingling") who abuse the courts with frivolous "shake down" lawsuits, bogus "harassment" cases, "emotional distress", slip and falls, or just plain fake lawsuits make me physically ill and tarnish the the noble ideals of our profession. Indeed, some lawsuits are justified, but should we as tax payers fit the bill just so often disciplined, unethical lawyers can take advantage of their legal training for the sole purpose of making a buck, regardless of the justification for their purpose? I think not. As a self made person of modest background, I fundamentally believe that a good lawyer is one that makes a difference first, and money second. True, I'm not free and have student loans to pay, there's a reason why my clients say that I'm unlike any other attorney they've worked with. And you no what, I'm proud of that and I promise you will see the difference when I represent you. So if you think paying the highest fee will get you the best lawyer for your California DUI case, think again. Give me a call and find out why I'm not like any other DUI attorney in San Francisco. I look forward to the opportunity to help you.