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Drop in Bay Area DUI Arrests Over Holiday Weekend

Posted By Nors Davidson || 29-Dec-2012

The California Highway Patrol reports that Bay Area DUI arrests were down over this past holiday weekend, a good thing. Unfortunately, fatal collisions were up from a year ago. The CHP reportedly made 165 driving under the influence (DUI) arrests this past weekend with three fatal collisions. It's not clear from the report whether or not the fatal collisions were DUI related. Typically, both statistics are reported togther making the inference that the fatal collsions were in fact because of DUI although this is often not the case.

One year ago, the CHP arrested 188 DUI suspects, but there were no fatal collisions in the Bay Area. Statewide, 1170 DUI arrests were made which is up by almost 200 DUI arrests from the 980 made in 2011. There were a total of 39 fatal collisions recorded by CHP on California roadways which is up substantially from 2011. The reporting weekend was December 21, 2012 through Christmas Day.

Bottom line: don't drive after drinking or you could be DUI. CHP's primary mission is investigating DUI's, so be mindful especially during the holidays. Moreover, slow down and don't talk on your cell phone!