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The National College for DUI Defense: Harvard Law School Summer Session 2012

Posted By Nors Davidson || 2-Aug-2012

Well, I just finished the National College for DUI Defense's Summer Session at Harvard Law School and cannot say enough about the organization. The NCDD is a collective of DUI attorneys from across the country and the summer session of a grand conference to discuss new developments in the law, innovative defenses and everything DUI related. My thanks go out to Rhea Kirk, the executive director and Dean George Stein. This years seminar was informative and I look forward to applying some of the new tools I learned to my clients California DUI cases. Membership and participation in the NCDD is very important factor for an prosepective DUI client to consider. Not only does the organization provide the highest level of DUI specific training in the nation, but members also have access to the NCDD database of information and daily contact with colleagues with the list serve. This year was my third summer session in Harvard and first since I opened my own law office in 2010. The NCDD is an invaluable resource for the DUI attorney and I appreciate and respect the group. If you're considering a lawyer for your DUI case, that attorney should demonstrate his or her commitment to your cause through their membership to this DUI specific college. Of course other state organizations are important, i.e., The California DUI Lawyers Association (of which I am also a member and participate regularly at training seminars), but the NCDD is the only national DUI defense group and the Harvard Summer Session is truly the best. Thank you again NCDD and the clients who give me the opportunity to apply my trade.

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