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Blog Posts in 2012

  • Why Lawyers (Even DUI Attorneys) Get A Bad Rap

    || 30-Dec-2012

    I can happily say that I love my job as a DUI lawyer. Truly, it's a gift to get to dawn the suit uniform every morning and going to courts across the State of California with the true aim of helping good, professional people deal with a complex criminal and administrative system. I save many people's jobs, family's, and sometimes their very lives. I don't create the problems my ...
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  • Drop in Bay Area DUI Arrests Over Holiday Weekend

    || 29-Dec-2012

    The California Highway Patrol reports that Bay Area DUI arrests were down over this past holiday weekend, a good thing. Unfortunately, fatal collisions were up from a year ago. The CHP reportedly made 165 driving under the influence (DUI) arrests this past weekend with three fatal collisions. It's not clear from the report whether or not the fatal collisions were DUI related. Typically, both ...
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  • Picking a jury today in Department 606 of the San Francisco Superior Court before the Honorable Jermoe T. Benson. Second Offense DUI alleged with.22% BAC. Case should last about a week so wish me well and I'll keep you all posted! Merry Christmas!
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  • Boise Drunk Driver Declared a "Menace to Society"

    || 18-Oct-2012

    Terry Ash, a Boise man aged 55 was convicted on October 18, 2012 for his fourteenth DUI and sentenced to life in prison. Mr. Ash, a deeply troubled man with a history of psychological problems has become yet another victim of our nations massive and bloated prison industry complex. While his outrageous number of DUI cases is astounding, a life sentence for a 55 year old man is a clear failure of ...
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  • Well, I just finished the National College for DUI Defense's Summer Session at Harvard Law School and cannot say enough about the organization. The NCDD is a collective of DUI attorneys from across the country and the summer session of a grand conference to discuss new developments in the law, innovative defenses and everything DUI related. My thanks go out to Rhea Kirk, the executive director ...
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