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My First DUI Blog and the Tale of Jail Mail

Posted By Nors Davidson || 18-Nov-2010

I'm new to "blogging," but truly, I see so many interesting DUI cases and questions every day of my practice.  I hope to write here as often as possible to keep my clients up to date as to changes in DUI law, local courthouses, county procedures and sentencing.  I hope you enjoy and find this section of my website helpful when making the important decision of which attorney to hire for your California DUI case. 

Every day I counsel clients, potential clients and fellow attorneys about DUI cases.  Today I spent the morning trying to settle a .11% and .09% BAC first offense DUI in Napa County for an out of state client.  The D.A. was an awful and incredibly denied a reduction to a "wet" reckless.  Instead of dumping a DUI offer on my client, I filed a Motion to Suppress Evidence and we're going to make the D.A. work.  Frankly, it was a crap decision on the part of the Deputy D.A. and If I have to, I'll take this case to trial pro bono.

After returning from Napa County, I held office hours for clients to come in a discuss their DUI cases.  The truth is, many DUI lawyers don't have REAL offices.  Instead, they obtain all of the their clients via telephone or meet them "at a convenient location."  Client's deserve better.  Anyway, we had productive meetings all afternoon preparing for both an upcomming jury trial in Redwood City and a DMV hearing in El Cerrito.  I strongly recommend that people arrested for DUI retain counsel and DO THEIR RESEARCH ON THE ATTORNEY.  A good starting place is whether or not he or she has an actual office to meet you in. 

Once I completed my office hours, I began responding to client emails.  One stood out in that he complained to me about the flood of mail and solicitations he received from "DUI Lawyers."  I call this JAIL MAIL.  The guys are sneaky too.  The mail usually comes in the form of a publication called something like "DUI Magazine."  Really???  Honey did you subscribe to this?  Personally, I find this form of marketing dispicable.  So, my two lessons for today when selecting your DUI attorney:  1) Does he or she have an actual working office where you can meet prior to hiring them; and 2) No jail mail.  What can you expect from an attorney who completely disrespects your privacy by sending their flyers to your home or business? 

While you're at just might want to check the attorney's record of discpline with the California State Bar, i.e.

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