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Posted By Nors Davidson || 24-Nov-2010

To all who read, I wish a happy and safe Thanksgiving weekend.  For residents here in the Bay Area, please be advised NOT to drink and drive, no matter how much alcohol you've consumed.  Starting today and running through the weekend, the California Highway Patrol will be stepping up DUI enforcement.  Drivers can expect DUI sobriety checkpoints all over the Bay Area as the CHP engages in "maximum enforment" of DUI drivers.

In California, sobriety checkpoints require specific standards and procedures.  If these procedures are not followed, the stop and detention of the DUI driver can be unlawful under the United States Fourth Amendment.  If you or someone you know has been stopped in a DUI checkpoint and arrested for DUI, contact a trusted DUI attorney immediately.  Remember, a DMV hearing MUST BE REQUESTED WITHIN TEN DAYS OF A DUI ARREST.

Othewise, warm holiday wishes to all and have a safe Thanksgiving Day weekend. 

Categories: DUI Defense