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Bay Area DUI Arrests Up Over Thanksgiving Weekend

Posted By Nors Davidson || 27-Nov-2010

In spite of my prior warnings about the CHP's "maximum enforcement" weekend to apprehend drunk drivers, arrests in the Bay Area for DUI were up to 99 from 87 last year.  Statewide, DUI arrests were down from 520 to 500.  I'm grateful to report that none of my existing clients were nabbed in the crackdown as I sent out email warnings to all clients to be on high alert.  The "maximum enforcement" will continue through Monday, so please drive carefully.

Remember, if you're arrested for DUI, YOU ONLY HAVE TEN DAYS TO REQUEST A TEMPORARY LICENSE AND AND ADMINISTRATIVE HEARING.  Although you can do this yourself, it is best handled by an experienced DUI defense attorney.  Contact my office today to speak with me personally about your recent DUI arrest.  Initial DUI consultation is free.  Happy holidays to everyone and again, don't drive after drinking.....especially this weekend!