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An Overview of DUI Defense

San Francisco DUI Defense Lawyer

An experienced San Francisco DUI attorney understands the complexities of all facets of a DUI (driving under the influence), also called DWI (driving while intoxicated) investigation and arrest procedures. Although recent changes in the law have made the prosecution's job of getting a conviction easier, there are still numerous issues which can be challenged by a knowledgeable DUI defense lawyer in defending a client.

Fighting the Charges

A knowledgeable DUI defense Lawyer understands the standard procedures which much be followed and can recognize violations of any of the following points:

  • An officer must have legal cause to stop, detain and arrest a driver. An officer must follow procedures in questioning and testing a driver.
  • If a driver is said to have "failed" a field sobriety test, the circumstances of the test and the officer's opinion as to what constitutes failing or passing can be examined.
  • The results of chemical testing for BAC (blood alcohol content) using the breathalyzer are not completely reliable. There are a number of factors which can result in an incorrect BAC reading including burping and radio frequency interference. Urine tests are similarly unreliable.
  • Blood and urine tests must be done by a properly certified technician. All testing equipment must meet state requirements.
  • BAC test results may not accurately reflect the actual BAC level during the time the driver was actually driving.

Over the years the legal team at the firm has a created an excellent record of successfully defending numerous clients charged with DUI. A knowledgeable DUI lawyer at The Law Office of Nors Davidson is prepared to develop a powerful defense strategy on behalf of a client. Call the firm today for a consultation with an attorney who wants to win for you!